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středa 27. září 2017

Our Shepherd Men book (Kniha 'Naši pastýři')

Roman Catholic clergy, heroes of the WW II. (Katoličtí kněží, hrdinové druhé světové války.)

The main reason for the work and preparation of this book was an attempt to share the light on some of the historical dogmas, still prevailing in the public on the persecution of the clergy during 2nd world war.

The book in preparation contains 471 listed names. 471 of persecuted, imprisoned or killed brave men of Roman - Catholic clergy, victims who risked or lost their lives in the era of 1938 - 1945 during the nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Many of these names or stories completely lost for ages, now raised again in this book, testify as an important evidence. It is their personnal courage, empathy, or simple human dignity in the clash with monstrous and evil enemy, in the middle of struggle, fear and oppression in a global mankind´s tragedy. Our Shepperd Men, did not leave their flock. Readers will also find much of the rare photomaterial presented in this planned fully extended issue. Complementary, the title "Our Shepherd Men" also presents personnal memories of Allied forces chaplains, during their service throughout the various battlefields of the Second World War.

One of the reasons behind this book were outrageous claims of some of the leftist Members of Czech Parliament about alleged clergymen collaboration with nazi regime during Second World War in former Czechoslovakia. The resulting collection of was initially printed  only as simple paperback and sent to all clergymen. This time the authors would like to step up higher, to release fully historically extended and continuing search in the proper issue of the book with appropriate booklet, quality paper and book binding.

The title presents simple, yet very important historical and personnal evidence collected and catalogued in Czech republic. Book sheds light on some of the historical dogmas of the time, trying to clarify many of lies, which disgraced honour of the Roman-Catholic clergy in the Czechoslovakia during critical era 1939 - 1945. The title carries another bit of simple truth, with humble effort of putting a light on the historical unjustice and also a certain prejudice. It also contains some of previously unknown or lost facts, together with valuable information for anyone in search on this often controversial subject.

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